Saturday, March 21, 2009

Evelyn Moments

Evelyn does the funniest things sometimes that make me laugh so hard. Yesterday for instance I was getting her ready for her bath and I noticed that she had 7 pairs of underwear on.  What...?  

A couple of days ago during Evelyn's eye exercises we were playing a game where she's supposed to quickly identify the pictures on the sticks.  She was trying to cheat by looking past it and using her peripheral vision so I told her to keep her eye on the stick...

And she DID.  
  I laughed so hard Evelyn asked me to take her picture.

Another time I was looking for the wipes and I asked Evelyn if she could help me find them.  Andy heard me and mentioned that he had seen some in the car.  A few minutes later I noticed Evelyn carefully inspecting her toy car and she looked up and asked me "Are the wipes in here?".

The last thing I wanted to mention is something I want to remember.  Lately Andy and I have been sneaking into Evelyn's room after she goes to sleep.  Andy whispers sweet things in her ear like "Your a pretty princess", "Daddy loves you" and "You're such a good girl Evelyn".  She'll be totally asleep but she gets the biggest most genuine smile.  It's so sweet to watch.

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