Saturday, March 21, 2009

Avila Beach

Avila Beach...

Last Saturday Andy had a wedding shoot at Avila Beach and just for the heck of it he invited me along.  Andy's business partner and his wife came as well so we had a good old time hanging out.  For the most part Andy and Jason were hard at work shooting footage of the bride and groom so Amanda and I kicked it on the beach for a while.  Then Amanda took me to this adorable little place called Avila Valley Barn.  The kids would have really loved this place!  They had a total cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, fresh baked desserts, homemade ice cream and a petting zoo!  It's definitely worth dropping by if you're ever in that area.

The scenery at Avila Valley Farm.

When we got back the guys started setting up for the shoot.  It was interesting watching Andy in his element.  He really surprised me by how much thought he put into each shot and how precise everything was.  The guys put Amanda and I in charge of the crane which we did really well if I may say so myself (OK, really we had no idea what we were doing).  I had fun though and it felt good knowing that I had helped.  I think the whole trip and actually watching Andy in action really made me appreciate what he does even more.  He works so hard to support his family and accomplish his dreams and I love him so much for that.

Andy (in his steady cam vest) and Jason setting up the crane.

That's me operating that bad boy.  Notice that teeny tiny camera on the end.  The guys were using the big ones for the 35 mm and the steady cam.

Later that night we stopped off for dinner at McLintocks.  It was by far the most expensive meal I've ever eaten but our food was delicious and the atmosphere was interesting.  In case you've never been there they have this gimmick where they pour your water from a couple feet above your glass.  It looks totally unnatural and for whatever reason it reminded me of Alice and Wonderland.

Andy and I.  I promise the only thing Andy had to drink was a bottle of root beer.  What's funny is that I think about half of the photos I've ever taken of Andy look just like this one.

Andy's business partner Jason and his beautiful wife *Amanda.  These guys are awesome!  We had so much fun hanging out with them.

*Amanda owns a flower shop BTW called House of Flowers so if your in need of flowers for any occasion give her a call.  


  1. How fun! I miss the beach.

  2. Love the tiny camera on the big crane. Sounds like a fun job.

  3. It's like blogotopia over here!! I will just say that I read all your posts and loved them ALL!!