Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's go Condors, Let's go!

Last Friday night, March 13th, we took Evelyn to her first hockey game.  It was so much fun and Evelyn had a blast!  It was by far THE BEST game I've ever been too.  They played the Utah Grizzlies and scored 3 goals just in the last frame putting them back in the lead.  The score ended at 6-4 Condors.  It was a totally intense game.  Evelyn got really into the spirit of the game too.  She was dancing and cheering the entire time.  She has asked me every day since then if we can go to another "baseball" game (she still can't get it in her head that it's hockey not baseball).  And she keeps telling me how much fun she had.

Our family

During the break I took Evelyn down by the ice to get a better view.

Our best friends Nathan, Stephanie & Brayden joined us.  We had so much fun hanging out with them.

 Condors victory lap.  Go Condors!

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  1. It was fun! I wish I would have known you guys were there!