Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Between Houses

In between living at the Stockdale house and our new house we found ourselves temporarily at Tim and Brenda's.

During that time we got to spend lots of time with Tim, Brenda and most importantly little Jesse.

The kids really got to know their cousin Jesse and were pretty much inseparable the entire time.

The swing got a lot of attention and eventually turned into an everyday occurrence.

 We even got to spend a day in Fresno with Brenda's family!

We did a lot more stuff while we were there but unfortunately I hardly took any pictures...  All in all we had a good time staying with them and it was a great transition between free rent and our new house.  I'm glad we got that opportunity to get to know Tim's family better and that the cousins were able to spend so much quality time together.  Jesse is such a sweet and adorable boy and it was fun getting to help take care of him during that time.