Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HDM Hit 500 Fans!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our 2 Year Stay at Grandma's House

In September we came to the conclusion that our stay at Grandma's house must finally come to an end.  After 2 seemingly short years living there it was very sad to leave but we'll always remember the good times we had there.  Our family sure did a lot of growing up in that little yellow mobile home and we truly enjoyed out time there.

A few of the things I'll miss:
The apricot tree in the backyard.  Mmm... I can almost taste the apricots just thinking about them.  And not only was the fruit the most delicious you'll ever taste but the blossoms were so beautiful.  I could always admire them out my kitchen window.

The swimming pool.  Never in my whole life have I ever had a swimming pool IN my back yard until we moved here.  It's such a good feeling, especially living in the heat of Bakersfield, to know that at ANY time the kids and I could jump in the nice cold pool.

Free rent.  During our stay we lived super cheap and put almost everything back into the business.  It's because of this amazing blessing that HDM is the successful company that it is today.  We couldn't have done it otherwise.

My morning run.  There was never a lack of new places to go running.  The almond orchards across the field were always my favorite especially when they were in full bloom.  And not that I've gone running in a while but it's just not the same in the city.

Living so close to family.  I always loved living so close to Andrew's mom, dad and grandma.  I feel like during that time we formed a special bond with them and I'll always have a greater love and respect for them now.  It was also nice to always know that any time I needed a friend there was someone less than a football field away that would be there for me.  I loved getting to spend time with them and with Grandma Bailey and getting to know them better.  Grandma Bailey is such a remarkable lady and I love hearing her stories.  I'm especially grateful that the kids got to spend so much time with them and I even miss the times when the kids would suddenly go missing and I always knew right where to find them ;)

There are a few things I certainly won't miss about living there; the musty mobile home smell, the mice coming in from the field, the family of opossums living under the house, the 20 minute drive out of town, the constant weeds and of course running face to face with the occasional skunk however all together our stay there was amazing and such a huge blessing for our family.  I hope Andrew's parents and grandma know what a huge help it was for us and how much we truly appreciate and love them.  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HDM Magic Mountain Trip

Andrew decided it would be a good idea to have a "team building day" so we took the HDM crew to Magic Mountain!  Meet the team...

Kim (the Editor)

Josh (the Visual Effects Guy) and Me
and of course Andrew is behind the camera

We may have gotten a little wet...  Turns out 4 people on the Log Jammer is not the best idea :)