Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Kids Only Weekend

This past weekend we did what every parent should do at least once every great while.  We went on a weekend outing with our good friends and totally acted like kids again!  Our real kids, Evelyn and Preston, had a fun stay with their grandparents while Andrew, myself, Kim and Ricky took a little trip to L.A.

Our first night out we took an adventurous step back in time to experience an epic battle, a jousting tournament, a royal feast, handsome knights and a little romance, all at Medieval Times.  It was Andrew and I's first time going and it was so much fun!

 The excitement all started with us getting into costume and taking this wonderful little picture as a souvenir.  Wearing the outfits may have cost us a few extras bucks but the picture just wouldn't be complete without them ;)

We then proceeded to the Museum of Torture where we had our own private tour guide.  I would NOT suggest messing with this guy...

I also would NOT want to be stuck in one of these devices!  I couldn't believe the crazy contraptions they had to torment people in those days.  Even simply gossiping could get you in a real bind.

Man the gates!

A little pre-dinner photo op.

I may have been a little biased but we definitely got the hottest knight of all!  

Kim and I both got flowers from our knight!  Although I did get mine first ;)

The food was delicious!  I could have eaten at least 3 bowls of "Dragon Tail" soup.  No utensils necessary, of course.

 There he is, red and yellow baby!  
Our little group easily cheered the loudest in our section but in spite of that our knight was still sadly defeated.

We stayed down in L.A. overnight and the next day headed out early to "The Happiest Place on Earth"!  Somehow I only ended up with these two photos from the day but it was as always a blast!

My favorite ride is and forever will be Space Mountain!

For dinner we treated ourselves to dinner at the Blue Bayou which was another first for me.  I splurged and ordered the second most expensive thing on the menu and Andrew ordered the most expensive.  For the record however, it was easily the best steak and potatoes I've ever eaten it was so good.

Andrew and I on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Friday, January 21, 2011

1000 HDM fans!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our New Little Sunbeam

 Preston went to his first day of Sunbeams today!  He was such a good boy and we're so proud of him.  Here's a video Andrew took of him after church.  Sorry about it being sideways...

 Preston sings "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam"