Monday, December 20, 2010

Fitzgerald Christmas 2010

Thanks to Evelyn the Christmas season started weeks prior to Dec. 25th when Evelyn literally begged me every single day to put up the Christmas tree.  Of course being the procrastinator that I am I kept putting it off until one day Evelyn took the initiative and decided that she was going to do it herself!  The boxed up tree had been laying on the ground in the garage since we moved in and was just waiting to be put up.  So with all her little 4 year old might she grabbed hold of the handles and single-handedly pulled it all the way into the living room!  I was super impressed and that night the kids and I set up and decorated the tree together. 

 The kids each made a wish list for Santa... Preston, having recently watched all the Star Wars movies, was pretty adamant about getting "Star Wars games & Star Wars toys".  For weeks he obsessed over "the gun guy" which I think if I remember right we figured out to be Han Solo.  Evelyn was a little more particular about what she wanted and asked for 2 dolls, Phineas and Ferb phones and a pillow pet!  Afterward, Evelyn with her kind heart decided to make a second list for things she thought the new baby would want.  She put down things like baby food, clothes and toys.  It was so sweet and was once again a reminder of just how thoughtful she is.  P.S.- I did keep their lists but at the moment I can't seem to find them.  As soon as I do however I'll be sure to scan them and include them with this post.

The cousins: Aubrey, Preston, Joshua, Lilly, Eliza & Evelyn 
Christmas was again two fold this year.  I've decided I really like it that way!  On December 20th my sister was in town so the Fitzgerald's got together for another fun filled day. 

My beautiful big sister, Nichole, and her husband James.

 And once again with the help of awesome Uncle Scott the kids decorated a gingerbread house.  

On Christmas morning we opened gifts at home and ate a wonderful lunch with Andy's parents and brother but I'll have to save that for another post because my pictures are at the office.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meeting their New Cousin

Kids meet Scarlet...

Scarlet meet the kids...