Saturday, December 27, 2008

The news on Preston

Preston recently had his 12 (and 16) month doctors appointment.  It went OK.  Nothing major to report and certainly no talk of Preston's boy parts this time.  He had 7 shots.  Apparently they don't combine them anymore.  But lucky for him he'll never have to experience the chicken pox like the rest of us.  Preston now weighs in at 23 pounds and is 32 1/2 inches tall.  He's above average height, below average weight and surprisingly muscular or in other words "movie star" stature according to the doc. 

 Preston's getting so big and changing so fast.  
Here's the Top New Things about Preston-

1.  He talks!  He can say quite a few words now.  The major ones are mommy, daddy, go, baby, no, bottle, milk, more, down and hot.  He loves to say "hi!" to everyone and even does the cutest little wave.  
2.  He reigns in the affectionate category.  He give the most awesome hugs and kisses.  When he hugs he really clings on tight and squeezes.  And he kisses all the time!  My two favorite of his moves are the "pull me close kiss" and the "surprise kiss".  He always has the sweetest smile afterwards too.  That may be my ultimate favorite.
3.  He's sneaky.  At 16 months he's already figured out how to escape his crib.  He always seems to know the when and how of getting into trouble.  His latest stunt is to get into the bathroom, climb up on the counter and just sit there and chew on his toothbrush.
4.  He needs constant attention... seriously.  When Evelyn was his age she would be fine playing by herself for hours.  But NOT Preston.  Every few minutes he runs back to me for attention.  He insists on knowing where I am at all times and he totally freaks out when he can't find me.
5.  He loves his big sister.  She is great to him and sets such a good example for him.  He constantly follows her around and copies everything she does.  Like Evelyn, he's compassionate and seems to always recognize when others are sad or hurt.  He always gives Evelyn a kiss when she gets hurt.
6.  He's super smart.  He amazes me everyday.  Lately I've been giving him simple commands like "sit in you chair", "give daddy a kiss", and "bring me a diaper", and he always listens and does what I ask.  If there's something he wants he manages to tell me what he wants without saying it.  He'll bring me his bottle to tell me he's thirsty and when I open the fridge he points at what he wants.  I've just started teaching him body parts.  He'll now point to his nose when I ask. 

He is such a cute kid and I love him with all my heart.  That's not new but it is definitely true.


  1. What a sweet boy. It makes me sad when I think about us living so far away and not getting to know your kids.

  2. I get lots of reports of how darling Preston is from mom and Liz, but it was fun hearing it from his biggest fan!

  3. How sweet! Preston is such a cutie! So, can you believe Evelyn is going to be 3!? I always think she's older because she's so much more mellow than Andrew.

  4. I somehow managed to miss this post. Thanks for the update on your adorable boy!