Sunday, December 21, 2008

When the hubby's away...

As most of you already know the week before last the Waite men went on their annual mancation so I decided to go on a little vacay of my own to my hometown, a little place I like to call T~town.

Monday-  Along with doing a whole lot of nothing and absolutely loving it we also got to hang out at Grandma Nonnie's.  She was working really hard setting up for Christmas.  She always goes way out for Christmas... we're talking like 12 christmas trees!  The kids thought it was great and loved swinging on her swing.  It was also my beautiful and sweet SIL's 20th birthday so we celebrated with a little cupcake and some delicious pie.   

Tuesday- We had our second "Girls Outing".  The first one, I never got to write about, we went out for dessert at Rosemary's.  Very yummy!  This time my dad watched all the munchkins and us girls (Grandma, Mom, Me, Nichole (SIS) & Tiffany (SIL) all went out to see none other than the movie Twilight.  It was tons of fun!  I'll admit there were a few parts where I think I was supposed to be concerned but I found myself laughing inside; "I don't know if I'll be able to stop!".  The special effects weren't that great and some of the lines were totally cheesy but... let's face it, I wasn't going for the special effects.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well the movie fit with the book and I'll admit I liked it.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping and the funniest thing happened.  It's really one of those you have to be there to appreciate it kind of things but I'll tell it anyway.  A few years ago my grandma was in the hospital after surgery and I went to visit her.  She was a little out of it due to some pain medication and she was craving herself some Bailey's Irish Creme.  I guess she had tried it before and loved it.  It's totally alcoholic or I would have bought her a whole case of it but anyway at the grocery store we were walking down the ice cream isle and she sees these Non-alcoholic Bailey's Irish Creme cream puffs.  I have never seen her eyes light up so fast.  It took little to no convincing her to buy the tasty treats and she shared them with everyone.

Wednesday- Harry Potter marathon.  I know it sounds a little nerdy but it was a lot of fun! 

Thursday- My parents took us out to eat.  We had a very nice lunch and Evelyn went in the public potty for only the 2nd time (the first was the week before at Walmart).  I was so excited I bought her an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (her choice).  Afterwards we went over to this really neat little shop and my mom helped Evelyn paint her own christmas ornament.  We also had hand print tiles made of both the kids.  

On the way home I took Evelyn to see some of the sights.  I had planned to take her to the Ostrich farm but on the way we saw some humongous cows so we stopped to look.  The Ostrich farm turned out to be closed but we got to see them from a distance anyway.

Friday- Both of the kids got much needed haircuts.  My mom busted out the scissors and cut a few inches off.  I still miss Preston's curls but they were pretty much gone anyway.  It still curls a little around his ears but I new it wouldn't last.

While I was there a few new advancements took place in the Fitzgerald household.  My younger brother Scott got a seasonal job as a "day stocker" at Wal-mart Supercenter.  He's not super excited about, but I'm proud of him.  Right now his goal is to earn enough money to start a business of his own selling anime.  My youngest brother Kory recently got his Eagle and passed the GED test.  He also took the placement test at BC and wants to enter the Fire Fighting program next semester.  I want to wish them both the best of luck.  My brothers are both super talented in their own ways and I'm sure they'll both do great at whatever they choose to do.  Another amazingly talented member of my family is my mom.  She is so amazing!  She started running the week I was there and is currently on her third week of the couch to 5k program.  I'm super excited.  She called me a few days ago and we're set to do a run in January and a 5k in March together.  It's great to finally have a running buddy.  I can't wait!

When the kids got home they were excited to see their dad.  We were all happy to have him back and we're glad he had a good time on his trip.  The new picture to the right is one of the pictures I took of the kids right when we got home. 

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  1. I'm glad you got to do something fun while Drew was out on the open seas. Good for you.