Friday, January 2, 2009

In the Year Two Thousand... (and Nine)

My Expectations and Resolutions for this year-

I do realize that by posting this you can all see exactly the kind of slacker I really am.  But my theory is that by getting this out in the open it will motivate me to be better and achieve some things.  So without any further explanation.

My 2009 New Years Resolutions-
1. Family prayer and scripture reading.
2. Attend the temple at least 6x this year.
3. Do regular weekly Family Home Evenings.
4. Have more date nights.
5.  Run a 5k in less than 25 minutes.
6. Learn to play the mandolin.
7. Do more day outings with the kids. Broaden their minds to as much good stuff as possible and have tons of fun in the process.
8. Release the inner thrill seeker in me. Learn how to do at least one extreme/outdoor sport.
9. Start playing tennis again.  Time permitting, possibly even enter a tournament.
10. Try every new thing that comes my way.  Never pass up the moment to do something awesome.
11. Finally pay off all our credit cards and get out of debt.
12. As soon as I get a computer blog at least once a week.
13. Be even more supportive of Andy and help him out in any way I can.
14. Be a better house cleaner and not let the housework get the best of me.
15. Become a better cook by trying new recipes and cooking more full meals throughout the week.
16. Plant a garden in the spring.
17. Watch Andy sell his first movie and make his next one this summer.
18. Make it to the top of Mt. Whitney- the highest point in the lower 48 states.

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