Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 Finally

Dec. 24 & Dec. 25~

Christmas Eve Evelyn helped me make sugar cookies for Santa because "Santa LOVES cookies" (As she reminded me every few minutes before, during, and after the cookie making process).  They turned out being the worst cookies I have ever eaten but luckily for us Santa's not picky.Oh yeah, don't tell Santa but Evelyn may have dropped them on the floor.  Oops...

We also left him a note with a picture and a list (in case he doesn't read scribble) of everything she wanted for Christmas.  It was a fun little project. Did I mention I might have hyped up the whole Christmas thing just a little?

Christmas Eve night a pretty good chunk of Andy's family came over to their mom and pops for some DE-licious dinner.  A few of the more talented members of the group impressed us all with their super mad performance skills.  My 3 nephews showed off their multi-talentedness by playing piano, trumpet, guitar and a solo singing performance by Char Char.  Amazing!  I am now seriously counting the days until Evelyn can start to learn an instrument and masters the Mario Brothers theme song.  THAT will be the day.  We also played charades.  The group even got me to play which doesn't always happen and I really did have a lot of fun.  We opened up a few special gifts- ALL of which I thoroughly enjoyed and we gave all our gifts out.  Andy was most excited about his gifts to his parents.  For his dad he found all his mission slides and scanned them into the computer and for his mom he did the same for her childhood photos.  We ended the night out with a competitive little game of Trivial Pursuit. 

Christmas morning was nice.  Admittedly it did start out a bit rough though.  Before we even got to the presents both the kids had already had meltdowns.  Evelyn's stopped the second she noticed the presents and she started ripping off the paper of the first present she saw.  It was SO much fun watching Preston & Evelyn open their gifts this year.  All in all I think the kids really liked their new toys.  Evelyn's hot ticket gift was a camera.  She actually surprised both Andy and I just by knowing what it was.  She was such a cutie.  The first thing she said was "I want to take a picture of Grandma!".  Before we even left the house she had already taken between 50-100 photos of everything and anything in our house.

Next we headed out to the main house for round 2, Andy's parents.  They totally spoiled the kids and got them way better toys than we did.  Evelyn got a new and improved baby and the cutest little baby bed.  And Preston got the coolest big truck that he really loves.

After that we headed up for round 3 in Tehachapi, my parents house.  My entire family was there waiting and we opened even more awesome presents.  

The kids got several gifts; one of which was new Sunday outfits from my parents. The cousins all wore their matching outfits for a picture with Grandma and Grandpa.  Starting on the left it's Eliza (3), Preston (1), Aubrey (2), Evelyn (2) and Joshua (4).

The kids got to decorate a gingerbread house with the assistance of their Uncle Scott.  I'm not entirely sure what percentages of candy got ON the house as opposed to IN their mouths, they certainly had fun though.

We had a really nice feast of food, Mmmm.  Then it started snowing/ sloshing about mid-day and a few hours later it managed to stick a little.  A few of us played a game of pool, I lost.  The storm picked up and cut the power out which unfortunately ended the party a little earlier than planned.  
It was a great day!  One of the best Christmas's EVER!!

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