Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Cards

Ok, you've got to give me some credit. This year having two kids I really wanted to get Christmas cards out. I did some research and found them for only $16 at Costco (with envelopes) and you could design them and order them online. So we kind of procrastinated a little on the photo but we did manage to get a good picture with Santa. We ordered them but unfortunately we couldn't get them until the day before we left for Utah so there was absolutely no time to send them. Anyway, here it is January 3rd and they are still sitting on the kitchen counter. Today, as soon as I finish writing this blog I'm going to get them done. So in case you're feeling sad and depressed because you didn't get a Christmas card from the Waite's, cheer up! it will be coming very soon. Don't all rush to the mailbox at the same time. One more thing, If you're reading this you are most likely already on my list but if you want to be guaranteed a card send an email my way- with your name and address and I will personally make sure that you get one of our fantastic cards.

1 comment:

  1. When I talk to you last you made it sound like you have not even started. You are almost done. I can't wait to see them.