Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fourth and final part of our trip

I forgot to mention the other part of my gift to Andy. Along with getting his mission pictures organized and put into albums I set aside a certain amount of money for him to spend on himself. So after Chuck E. Cheese's we went on our search. A search to find the one thing Andy wanted most.... ROCK BAND!

Later in the afternoon everyone started showing up. It was great to get to see everyone and visit with them.

Blythe put this umbrella over Preston and he got a hold of the handle and would not let go.

Brigg rocking out on Guitar Hero.

Evelyn & I

Molly playing Guitar Hero & Ren sitting next to her.

Evelyn & Preston

The gang

Celeste trying out her new wheels.

Evelyn posing with her cousin, Jack.

Ren played me a song on the piano.

Jack, Micah, and Sarah looking at a book all about mythical creatures that Preston gave Micah for the cousin exchange.

Scott was showing me some cool camera tricks.

Later in the afternoon, Rob, Andy, Sam & I formed our own band on Rock Band. It was pretty awesome! Rob did the vocals (and the tambourine), Andy played the drums, Sam rocked at the guitar and I played the bass guitar. After that we played an arousing game of Trivial Pursuit which for some reason is one game that I have never been good at but I actually really like to watch. I learned that an astonaught has the most claustrophobic job.

Overall, we had an awesome time on our trip. It ended up being even more crazy than I thought it would be believe it or not but it was great. Thanks Anna for putting us all up and orchestrating the whole thing. You did a wonderful job. There is no way that I would ever in a million years have the patience to do all of that. Also thanks to all the sibs for coming. It was really great to see all of you. Sorry we had to leave early, I' sure you all understand. I can't wait to see you all in June.


  1. I liked your four part saga. It sounds like you guys all had a great time together. I'm a little jealous, not for Anna though.

  2. I'm a little jealous too. James is the only married one so far in his family so there are no cousins yet to get together. Preston and Evelyn are the only cousins my kids have so far. And his family is so spread out we have not all been together since we were married. I really like your four part saga. I looked like you have a ton of fun. I wish I knew the Mansius family as well as you know Andy's family. What a great way to finish off 2007! I hope your 2008 is as much fun!

  3. I'm glad you guys came out and had a good time. Was great to see everyone and I can't wait for June. Love all the pics too, I didn't get any so it's good someone caught it all on film. Now we just need Andy to put a video together...hint, hint.

  4. Loved your pics........