Saturday, January 19, 2008

Glamorous?.... Not so Much.

My SIL made a call out on her blog to anyone who had ever had a glamour shot taken and asked them to post it on their blog. I think it's awesome, unfortunately I was never GROOVY (in the Bailey sense of the word) enough to have any taken. But here's the best I could do. You gotta love the pose, obviously very natural of course, and you can't beat the puffy purple shirt. Believe it or not that was my favorite shirt for like a year. Yeah, I was so NOT cool!
This was taken in December of 1994 so I was almost 11.


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!! That beats most glamour shots I've seen! You were one groovy girl!

  2. Cute and groovy at the same time. I remember when those Romeo/Juliet shirts were the coolest. They make me think of that Lovefool song by The Cardigans.

    PS I'm so glad you have something new at the top of your blog. Even though Evelyn is super cute, that snot picture made my stomach lurch

  3. Hey! By the way, we have a few of your things (including Evelyn's raquet) that we brought back from Anna's. Sorry!

  4. Hehe.. I can't believe I remember when you actually looked like that! I think I was a bit nerdier though!

  5. Marsha BradyJanuary 22, 2008

    Amber, Amber, Amber