Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The week in pictures

The last two weeks have been awful and frankly kind of <-disgusting. One thing that I learned is that one of the only things worse than being sick is being sick and having two sick kids. Evelyn had RSV and of course she's prone to ear infections so to add to the RSV she had an ear infection in both ears. The pediatrician gave her some antibiotics which cleared up her ear infections and then it was just a matter of waiting for the RSV to go away. With Evelyn very proudly showing off her new skill of identifying parts of the body -in particular the face- and having absolutely no concept of wiping her nose/covering her mouth/everything that aids in the prevention of germs it's no wonder Preston caught the RSV from her. And then to top it off Preston mysteriously got an eye infection. Let's just say it's been rough but on the plus side both the kids are almost all better and they are definitely back to their old mischievous selves.

Other things that happened last week:

Evelyn got into a box of sour skittles. I couldn't tell if she liked them or not. She would stick one in her mouth, spit it out seconds later, then grab another one and do the same thing. When I tried to take them away she cried.

Another day I heard Preston crying so I went to check on him and as soon as I walked in Evelyn shouted "I did it!" very excitedly - almost too excitedly if you know what I mean. I looked over at Preston and he was so covered in toys that I could barely see him. I imagine Evelyn was just trying to calm him down by giving him a stuffed animal.. and then another... and so on.

Evelyn learned how to get water from the fridge. Her potty just happens to be the right height so when she stands on it she can reach the button. Her new favorite thing is filling her little play pitcher up and transferring the water from one cup to the next, drinking a little in between until she runs out of water and has to refill it again. It's amazing what kids find to entertain themselves. I have to really keep a eye on her because as you can imagine this can get out of hand very quickly.

Evelyn had her first kind of intelligent telephone conversation. The highlight of it was watching Evelyn get all excited when she realized that her cousin, Eliza, was actually on the other end talking back to her. She kept repeating Eliza's name; Liza, Liza, Liza! and Eliza replied by saying "You're funny!". Nichole and I both tried to get the girls to say "I Love You" but the best we could get out of them was Evelyn signing it without saying a single word and Eliza whispering it back to her mom. It was pretty dang cute if I may say so myself.


  1. Okay, I'm loving that you posted that first picture of Evelyn! And you know what? This time of the year is the worst, there's always something nasty going around that my kids seem to catch... It's so sad but I'm fairly certain they get a lot of it at church (since we literally do not leave the house to go anywhere else).

  2. I'm sorry your kids were so sick for so long. We got lucky with all the bugs going one sick yet. I also remember when the kids were getting into EVERYTHING! Enjoy it, it goes by way too fast.

  3. Sorry to hear that your kiddos were sick:( Hope all is well now though. We've been passing our germs back and forth in our house too.

  4. Ewe. Sickness sucks. Especially when you can't "call in sick" as a mommy. No time off, I tell ya. Glad you guys are over the hump.

  5. Ok, you made me gag with those snot pictures! I hope your kids are better now!

  6. I remember Meg's "water" stage. I would find her in the bathroom, singing away, with half of her toys in the sink, "washing them". Once I came home and Sam had given her a stool to stand on and a basket of plastic toys to "wash" so she'd stay out of his hair and let him work. I made him clean the bathroom when it was all over.:-)

    Glad to hear they're feeling better...nothing worse than being a sick mom with sick kids. Although, if they're sick enough to lay around and moan with you, that's preferable to having to keep them from climbing the drapes when you don't feel good.

    You guys need to come visit again...when everyone's healthy, of course. :0)