Saturday, January 5, 2008

Early Christmas with the Grandparents

Before Christmas the kids got to spend some quality time with both sets of Grandparents. First was Andy's parents on the 20th and then my parents on the 21st. Greg played Santa (or I mean... is a personal friend of Santa's) for Evelyn and Preston which was really sweet. Last year we did the Santa thing too and Evelyn did alright with him but this year she freaked out. It was classic. It could have easily been on Ebaums it was that funny. After a few minutes Evelyn somehow managed to figure out who was under the suit. When we asked her where Grandpa was she simply pointed at Santa but she was still pretty terrified by the costume. We managed to get some pretty cute pictures of the kids and even took our Christmas card photo with Santa. As long as it's OK with Santa we're hoping to make that our new Christmas tradition and take the kids to see Santa every year. The kids each got some really nice gifts from their Grandma and Grandpa and we had a great time visiting with them.

Between visits Preston had a well visit with the doctor. He now weighs 15 pounds and is 25 1/4 inches tall. And the poor little guy got 3 shots which he took pretty well.

After the doctors I took the kids up to Tehachapi to see my family. My Grandparents took us all out to Domingo's which I am told is the best Mexican restaurant in Tehachapi. We got to spend some quality time with everyone and had our early Christmas. Among tons of great gifts I got a 2 1/2 pound box of chocolates which by the way I am almost done with and Andy got a box of See's chocolates. Evelyn and my dad have officially formed the cutest little bond. I'd say they now have a thing. My dad for the longest time has growled at her and she growls back. I'm not really sure how or when it started but it's pretty cute. I've been teaching her sounds and I can ask her "What does a chicken say?" and she says "Bac, Bac, Bac, Bac", "What does a cow say?" and she says "Mooooo", "What does Grandpa say?" and she says "Raaaaar". It's so cute. Anyway, we had a great visit with them before we had to rush home and get ready to leave for our trip the next day. My kids are so blessed to have such awesome Grandparents and Great Grandparents that love them so much.

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