Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Visit to the Doctor

Today was Evelyn's well visit to the doctor. She did great and she was so cute too! When we first got there she was all smiles and she gave a big show for the receptionist. We went straight to the playroom which is always a treat because only the "healthy" kids get to go in there. Right away when we walked in she recognized the two things she loves most; toys & a baby. She could not keep her eyes off of the baby and she wanted to just smother her with kisses until finally the baby had to go. Not to worry though, a few minutes later a 3 year old boy came in to the room to play and Evelyn got such a kick out of him. For a long while she just sat and stared at him as if she couldn't believe there where actually other people her size. To break the ice the little boy got a book to read and Evelyn sat next to him while he "read" or "made up" the words to the book. It was so sweet! After that they played with one of those loopy bead things that just about every doctor’s office has and the little boy showed Evelyn how to use it. She was so entertained by the kid that when it was his turn to go she insisted on following him and threw a fit when I brought her back into the playroom. An hour and a half into the visit when it was finally our turn to see the doctor Evelyn was weighed and measured. She came in at 30 1/2 inches and 22 pounds which according to the doctor is "healthy but a little on the short side". She checked in fine and healthy. After the exam I had quite a long and "interesting" conversation with the pediatrician about the corruption of local hospitals and circumcision. I now know that in bible times men were circumcised on the 8th day which technically is the 9th day if you go by a 24 hour day and not the actual days. Anyway, the trip ended with Evelyn getting a shot in her leg and crying all the way out the door but the good news is that she doesn't need another shot for at least another 2 years and she didn't puke all over the doctors office like she did the last time she got shots. All in all it was a very successful trip to the doctor and Evelyn and I both can say that we made it out alive.

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