Friday, July 20, 2007

Robot Dance

I guess all that listening to music while in the womb really does pay off. Evelyn has become quite the little dancer and she'll dance to just about anything. It does help that her daddy's a DJ and quite the musician himself so it's no wonder. I still remember the very first song she ever danced to; Dancing Queen by Abba. Not that it wasn't impressive, because it was, but back then it was just a few bobs of the head and waving her arms sporadically but now she actually has moves (she's way better than me!). In fact, just the other day the funniest thing happened. I was online signing on to myspace and up comes this little side banner with a dancing robot. I barely noticed it but Evelyn who was sitting on my lap noticed this little dancing robot and just started cracking up. She thought it was so funny and actually started copying the robot and doing what Andy and I have coined to be the "Robot Dance". It is so cute! And now whenever we want her to do the dance we just have to tell her to do the robot dance and she does it. I am so proud of my little Dancing Queen!

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