Wednesday, July 4, 2007


As most of you already know, my family took a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I finally got all the pictures of the trip off of my camera so I thought I'd tell everyone how it went and post a couple of pictures. It was such an incredible trip. First of all it was "all inclusive" which is just about the best thing in the world. That meant unlimited food, dessert, and drinks anytime you wanted it AND you got to actually take advantage of the mini bar in the room and not pay. There were 4 very different restaurants to choose from; Mexican, Italian, Oriental, and Brazilian that all had really good food. We spent a huge majority of the time in the swimming pool where Evelyn got to splash around in her little floaty toy which she just loved and another huge majority of the time eating and drinking. I can know officially say that I am versed in the ways of drinks (all non-alcoholic of course). I've tried margarita (with the salt rim), strawberry daiquiri, cherry daiquiri, banana daiquiri and Pina Colada. Apart from all the swimming and eating we also went on a few excursions. The first place we went was a water/sea life park where they had some awesome water slides, a kiddy area, and a lazy river just for me. The BEST part was that they had a dolphin show and Andy got picked to do a trick with them. Another day Andy, David, Lindsey and I took a bus into Puerto Vallarta and took our own city tour. We walked past these cool sand creations and did a little bit of shopping. Later that night some of the couples; Andy and I, James and Nichole, & Scott and Tiffany went on a sunset cruise that was a lot of fun and very pretty. I got a little sea sick but managed to hold out until the end. The enjoyment continued the next day when all the girls got manicures together followed by all the guys getting manicures too. Some of the guys weren't so sure about it but I'm proud to say that Andy got his nails AND his extremely ticklish toes done and I took some pictures as proof. The next day was Andy's last day because he had to leave early so we went over to the spa and had massages on the beach. It was so nice and relaxing. Later that day we went on a channel cruise that was very interesting and fun especially since we had all 4 kids with us. I'm not sure which one was more entertaining; the gators, birds and wildlife outside the boat or the 4 wild animals we brought with us in the boat. I'm just glad the other passengers didn't throw us out. The last full day there we spent doing some more swimming in the pool, we went to the beach, and oh yeah... we got to try scuba diving (even if it was just in the swimming pool). Evelyn was so cute the whole trip. She loved the swimming pool especially playing with her cousins in the kiddie pool and she loved exploring the resort. Unlike her cousin, Eliza, it took her a while to get used to the sand on the beach but she eventually got the hang of it and enjoyed that too. Unfortunately, however, she was terrified of the ocean water and never did get used to it but she was a little trooper and let me take her in anyway. Overall it was an awesome trip were we got to spend quality time with the family, eat, swim, eat, and try new things. I definitely plan on doing it again someday.

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