Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Day In Nursery

So Friday was Evelyn's 18 month mark and you all know what that means; NURSERY! Yep, that's right. Today was Evelyn's very first day in nursery. Like Jocelyn, I can officially say that I never cheated and took her in early as tempting as it was. It's hard to say since I wasn't there but I think she did good. She looked pretty happy when I came in to get her, green putty on her hair and face and all. I did alright without her too. At first I thought it would be a relief to get a two hour break during church but when I put her in there it was harder to let go than I thought. I actually really missed her those two hours. I did pretty good though. I was only tempted to peak in through the little crack in the nursery door once. I just can't believe my little girl is old enough to be in nursery already. It's crazy how fast these last 18 months have gone by. The teachers in nursery, Sister Bunting & Sister Prince, are awesome and I'm grateful for what they do. I just know Evelyn is really going to enjoy being in there with them and with all the other little children her age.


  1. It was more difficult on me than Andrew too. I was about to dare you to open the door and stick your head in for a few seconds so you could check on both, but I didn't want the leaders to be angry at you.

  2. I guess I'm one of those that cheated but I'm not afraid to admit it. As attached as Eliza was to me I wanted to get her used to nursery before the baby came. I knew that once Aubrey came her attactment would only get worse. Don't worry though I only took her in for an hour and I stayed with her the whole time.

  3. Yay for nursery!! Evelyn is the cutest! I'm so glas we got to spend time with you when we were there. Love ya!