Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fun Game!

I've seen other people do this on their blogs and they're usually pretty funny so I thought I'd give it a try. What you do is google "your name needs" and see what comes up. For example, I typed in "Amber needs" and here's what came up for me:

1. Amber needs two-to-three hours of therapy a day. (After reading the rest of these this might be true)
2. Amber needs support for all her basic living functions, including personal care for bathing, toileting and feeding. (Hey, I'm not that bad YET!)
3. Amber needs almighty God's Power.
4. Amber needs your help. (Sure, if you can clean my house)
5. Amber needs the socialization and stimulation a group home would offer. Without it she will "shrivel up and die."
6. Amber needs to be exterminated!! (That seems a little harsh don't you think)
7. Amber needs to win, she needs to be strolled in like the princess that she is, to receive her crown.. Go Amber Go!! (That's right, Go ME!)
8. Amber needs to be supervised very closely
9. Amber needs more sunlight. (What?, you don't like the pasty look?)
10. Amber needs to take a chill pill.
11. Amber needs help with anything in the kitchen. (How did they know?)
12. Amber needs to talk with the Branch President. (Uh-Oh, Busted)

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