Monday, September 14, 2009

That's my Boy!

Preston's birthday was the 21st of August and he turned 2!  I can't believe how fast time goes by.  He's getting to be such a big boy.  For his birthday we celebrated by taking him to the California Animal Living Museum (CALM).  The Biglers were able to join us which made it all the more fun.

Inside the TERRARIUM-  Preston's up on his little tip toes to get a closer look at the frogs.

FEEDING THE GOATS some stray leaves :)


The DUCKS.  (I actually have a picture of Evelyn taken at this very same spot when she was about a year old)

Here's everyone watching the BEARS.  

They have a brown bear and a black bear (which as you might remember from a previous post I am very familiar with).

And the best part of all....  

What?!? You didn't know CALM had monkeys?  The kids somehow got it in their head that there were going to be monkeys there and of course there aren't so Andy decided to fill in.  He's such a great dad.

Afterwards we got ice cream and Liz and Greg treated us to pizza.

Preston got some really nice toys and was so happy to play with them all!  Here he is showing off his new sheep.  I can't believe how much he looks like his daddy.

  Some interesting things to remember about Preston are that he always sleep with his cup and at least 3 stuffed animals, usually his dinosaur, sheep and bear.  Anytime you say "I love you" to him be prepared because he will always reply with with an "I love you MORE".  At night when I put him down for bed he won't let me leave without a kiss and a hug, sometimes several because he'll say "KISS" and I'll give him a kiss and then "HUG" and I'll give him a hug and then it continues "KISS", "HUG", "KISS", "HUG" as long as he can get away with it.  He loves to pretend to be a monster.  I can't even say the word without him growling real loud at me until I react.   He loves cars, bears and dinosaurs.  He finally just got a big boy bed.  He loves his sister even though they fight all the time.  He gets a kick out of trying out everyones shoes and usually misplaces them.  This summer is his first summer wearing flip flops.  He's actually not bad at keeping them on either.  He's a great little swimmer.  He just learned how ride a bike.  He's not afraid of animals at all except lizards STILL.  He asks for peanut butter and jelly every single meal.  His new favorite treat is "ogurt" (yogurt).  His favorite movies are Cars, Brother Bear and Super Doggy (Bolt).  He's recently started to throw tantrums by throwing himself on the kitchen floor.  He loves all his Grandmas and Grandpas very much.  And he is a seriously sweet kid with the worlds best smile.  I love him so very much.    


  1. Preston is so adorable!

    PS- Move back to Monica Ward already.

  2. I can't believe how much he looks like Andy either. It's kind of creapy. I get scary flashbacks. jk...kind of.

  3. Yeah, he's the spittin' image of Andy. That's good news, because, although terrifying, Andy was always a cute kid.

  4. Give those cute babies hugs from us. Or better yet...come and see us and we'll do it ourselves.

    And, I've heard Andy was scary, but by the time I came around, he was mostly holed up playing video games with Ry, so I don't remember that much.