Monday, September 14, 2009

More highlights from our Tehachapi trip

As most of you know while Andy was busy shooting his movie the kids and I spent our time up in my home town of Tehachapi.  The kids and I really missed Andy but it was so nice to spend so much time with the family.  I've always loved going up there.  Everything is so much more laid back and relaxed.  My parents were amazing to let us crash at their house for so long and eat all their food.  It was a super nice break for me.  ::thanks mom and dad::  Now on to the pictures.  Here are the highlights from our time up there.

My parents and the kids played with chalk.  Evelyn showed off her artistic side and got REALLY dirty in the process.

 A couple days into our trip Kory busted his wrist long boarding.  He had to have surgery on it shortly after.  He had a titanium plate put in and like 11 staples.

We went to the Mountain Festival parade and then walked around the booths.  Mom split a funnel cake with us, mmm...

We spent some nice quality time visiting with Nannie & Papa (my Grandparents).  The kids could spend hours on their swing and exploring their backyard.

Uncle Scott came just in time for a stick fight with the kids.  I also got hear all about his new job at Dryers.  Very cool!  Literally, he works in a freezer.  His uniform looks like a full on snow suit.  It seems like a really good job for him plus he gets all the free ice cream he can eat. 

The one last thing we did was enjoy some delicious Tehachapi apples straight from the tree.  The apples were so big and delicious.  It was fun watching the kids try to open their mouths wide enough to take a big bite. 

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