Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day and Happy Birthday ANNA!

July 4th, 2008

For the 4th we got invited to go to a friends cabin for the day so that's what we did. It was about an hour and a half away but it was such a beautiful drive that it didn't really seem that long. Plus the added pleasure of having Evelyn point out and moo to every herd of cows she saw on the way up there made it that much more enjoyable. On the way up we stopped at this rustic little diner and ate lunch with our friends. Evelyn and Andy walked across the street and Evelyn got to pet a horse that was just over the fence. She got a kick out of it and now along with the cows she now points out every horse she sees. Up at the cabin we had a great time hanging out and playing games. We enjoyed an awesome BBQ dinner and headed back down the hill early to go see the fireworks. We drove over to my cousins' since they live only a block or so away from Bakersfield College and have an incredible view of the fireworks. I have always enjoyed watching the fireworks on the 4th of July but this year it was even more incredible because it was Evelyn's first year to see them. And she loved them! In her cute little voice she kept saying "fireworks fun!". Our 4th of July was great and I hope all of yours was great too!

I also wanted to mention that along with being a special day for our country it's also a special day for my sister in law, Anna, because it's her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA!

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