Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When ELMO Grows up!

June 11, 2008~

Today was a super special day. Andy and I got to spoil our little girl by taking her to see her very first show "When Elmo Grows Up". For months now I've seen the commercials for it and I have been waiting super patiently for this day to finally come. I wasn't excited because of the show itself, I was excited to see Evelyn's face the first time life size Elmo walked onto the stage. Thanks to Andy we managed to get awesome seats, 6th row back right in the center. I am so glad we went, the look on Evelyn's face was priceless. I'll admit I thought she would be a little more animated about the whole thing but it was just a well. She sat very still and watched everything with her eyes wide open, hardly blinking, never letting her eyes wander too far from the stage for fear she'd miss something. During the whole intermission she still refused to stop watching the stage and she kept asking us, "Where'd Elmo go?". She was way cute! Poor girl, she pouted all the way home after she realized we weren't going to see Elmo again.


  1. I would have loved to see that. She is such a doll!

  2. How fun!! It's always fun taking them to something that they love!!!

  3. Rachel is jealous. Just so you know.

    Ps. We had such a great time hanging with you when we were there. We miss you guys already!!