Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Idaho Falls trip: Part 2

Saturday July 19, 2008~

Saturday morning was the sealing, the biggest reason for us to drive all the way to Idaho Falls. Once again my cousin and SIL watched the kids so that I could be there for that. Thank you, Thank you! Everything was so beautiful! 

  Afterwards we went over to the church to have a big family pot luck which was really nice. My cousins little boy celebrated his 2nd birthday so the kids had their own little celebration with cupcakes and presents and all. The reception was later that night so some of us went over to Reed's Dairy. It was a lot fun! They had some cute animals including a little pony, a sheep, a lamb, and a goat. Evelyn was brave enough to let the animals eat right out of her hands which was pretty sweet. It was an entire dairy so along with having adorable animals they had tons of cows and this great little shop where they sold everything from fresh cheese and milk to delicious ice cream. And not that we needed it after the big lunch that we had but none of us could resist and we all bought some yummy ice cream. We also learned a very important lesson, never take food, especially ice cream, away from Evelyn. Evelyn's ice cream cone was dripping and it looked like it was going to fall off so my mom being the motherly woman that she is offered to clean it up for her. At first Evelyn seemed totally fine with her taking the cone until suddenly tears started running down her face and she cried so loud and hard you'd think we just smacked her across the face. Nothing would calm her down. It wasn't until mom handed the now clean ice cream back to her that she finally stopped but not without giving my mom the worst stink eye. Later on was the reception which was very nice but unfortunately I couldn't stay long because the kids were so tired and restless and frankly I was too.

Sunday July 20, 2008~

Sunday morning after saying our goodbyes we started our long trip home. A few hours in we decided to take a little detour and stop in Salt Lake City at Temple Square. It was very beautiful and informative. We took the tour around the grounds and got to see both of the visitors centers, the tabernacle (from the outside), the assembly hall and the new garden area. The temple was gorgeous! On our way back to the car we made a quick decision and we decided to tour the Conference Center. It was really amazing! I cannot believe how massive that building is. There are 21,000 seats and you would never guess looking at it from the ground but there is a 4 acre roof garden. The rest of the drive that day was fine and we all met back up at my mom's cousin's house again for one more night.

Monday July 21, 2008~

The last and final day of our trip. We got a fairly early start, said our final goodbyes and we were off. Pretty soon we decided to make it a real road trip and we got a little spontaneous. We saw all the signs for Zion and just decided to go. So with 5 kids and no real preparation we did it, we took about a 3 hour tour of Zion. I'm actually really glad we did too. I'm sure anyone that saw us thought we were crazy but we didn't care. We started out our little excursion by driving up to Kolob which was very nice and a great little drive. After that we went into the actual park where we caught the shuttle and rode it all the way around stopping at a few of the different places including Weeping Rock Trail and the Court of the Patriarchs. It was great to get to see all of that. I only wished we'd had more time. The rest of the drive was long and boring and it was so nice when we finally made it back home.

For all the photos check out my photobucket account.

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