Monday, July 14, 2008

We're going on a trip!

My little cousin's getting sealed this Saturday in the Idaho Falls temple so us girls decided to go on a road trip. My mom, sister, sister-in-law, myself and all 5 of our combined kids are driving up to Idaho early Wednesday morning. I so can't wait, it's going to be so much fun! It sounds like most of my moms family will be there including my Grandparents and all of my Aunts, Uncles, & cousins. Some of them I haven't seen in a couple of years. I'll for sure blog about the wedding and all the other fun stuff we'll be doing up there. Unfortunately Andy is staying home (we're going to miss him:( but the good news is that he'll be here to keep our blog up and running and keep you all entertained.

While I'm thinking about it also, I've got a couple of stories I wanted to get down in writing before I forget about them. The first one happened about a month ago when I took Evelyn to the store to go pick out a new pair of summer shoes. We walked down the kids shoe isle and every once in a while I saw a shoe I kind of liked and I'd have her try them on. She seemed totally disinterested until she laid eyes on these babies.

She just knew she had to have them. When she first pointed them out to me I thought alright I'll please her and let her try them on. I wasn't really a huge fan of them but then again I really didn't see anything much better. I put the shoes on her and let me tell you it was love at first sight. There was no way she was letting me take them off her precious little feet. I tried to offer her several other pairs of shoes. Some that even had the same theme but she was stuck. There was no turning back. She knew without a second thought that those were the shoes she wanted and there was no changing her mind. They were HER shoes! In the end I gave in and bought the little princess shoes for my little princess but the whole experience made me realize that my little girl at 2 1/2 is really starting to get a mind of her own. Today it's just shoes but before I know it it's going to be clothes, then friends, and then who knows what! [June 14, 2008]

The other story happened just a week or so after the first one. Some of you I'm sure have heard this one because Andy got a really big kick out of it. It started when Andy went to cut his hair. Now Andy's been cutting his own hair for at least as long as we've been married but the kids have never really been old enough to realize or even question what he was doing... that is until this time. Andy had just finished cutting the bulk of his hair and I was just finishing by trimming the back. As what always happens when you cut hair the hair was all over the floor. And Evelyn walked in. You would have thought that she had just saw her first horror movie. She had the most horrified look on her face and she ran. She cried really loud and ran around the corner. Of course I ran after her to make sure that she was ok. She was crying so loud and it wasn't just an ordinary fake cry. At first we thought that she was hurt. It sounded really serious. When I finally got her calmed down I walked her over to the bathroom where Andy still was. She was so innocent and sweet. Through her adorable little tears she kept saying to me, "Daddy hurt.... hair broken". She was afraid for her daddy. It was really touching. Andy and I explained to her that he wasn't hurt at all and that he was just cutting his hair and I think she finally understood. Andy let her rub his newly short hair and she perked up really quick after that. [June 28, 2008]

Anyway, hope you enjoyed those. My kids are up now and causing all kinds of trouble so I'd better go. I will for sure take lots of pictures on the trip so stay tuned for that. And while you're here make sure you watch Andy's videos and check out his new website. He just posted Molly's wedding day video on the next post down and as always he did an amazing job!

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  1. Have fun on your trip! Post pictures when you get back.