Monday, July 14, 2008

Now for the Wedding...

Alright, I'm sure by now you have had the chance to watch the "Love Story" video I did for Molly & Scott. Now you can check out the actual Wedding Day highlights! Click HERE to watch it, be sure to rate it as well! Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Reception to follow soon...


  1. Something's wrong with the video it stops at 4:25. Check and let me know when I can see it all. What little I did see looked good.

  2. The link to the video on your blog didn't work but I did see the video deirectly on your website.
    Wow! What an awesome video. I bet you'll sell a lot of those packges now.
    I loved the HourGlass commercial. Way cool.

  3. I loved the video. Can't wait to see more. Who's singing in that video???

  4. LOVE IT!! You are so awesomely talented. Good job.