Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Santa Monica Day Trip

May 10th, 2011~  SANTA MONICA PIER 
 During a recent trip down to the Los Angeles area the kids and I took a little detour to see the sights surrounding the Santa Monica Pier.  I had never been before so it was a great excuse to get out with the kids and just go exploring!

First up on our visit was a ride on the 1922 vintage Carousel.

Just outside the Playland Arcade I found an actual Zoltar fortune-telling machine just like the one in the movie "Big".

The kids took a good 10 minutes sitting on every moving toy outside the arcade.

Then we walked to the very end of the pier to enjoy the view.

And met this fisherman who had just caught a string full of fish as we got there. 

He threw one on the dock to entertain the kids but the poor thing just flopped around for a while.  When the kids started to question how long he could live without water I decided it was probably best not to stick around to find out.

Before heading back we took a few minutes looking back down the pier at Pacific Park and the kids took turns looking in the telescope. 

When we got back to the car to get our beach toys Preston entertained us with his interesting "robot" impression.  He got a good kick out of himself which was by far the funniest part.


  1. Adorable kids :)
    Must have been an awesome trip

  2. Cute kids and also I'm back on my blog! Come and see it!