Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Santa Monica Beach and Aquarium

May 10th, 2011~  SANTA MONICA BEACH

 After exploring the pier a while we headed down to the beach...

Preston went straight for the water

while Evelyn surveyed the beach and picked up every shell in sight.

At one point Preston got a little too comfortable with the water.  An unexpected wave knocked him off his feet and a second tried to pull him out to sea.  He was so brave though.  Almost immediately he was ready to go back out.

Collecting lots and lots of rocks and shells.  We went home with a good size bucket full and the next day the kids helped me clean them up and added them to their collections.

 Evelyn asked me to bury her in the sand.

Preston wanted to be buried also but he wasn't nearly as patient.

Evelyn and I worked on building a sandcastle.

Finally, a picture of the 3 of us!

Lastly, directly under the pier is the HEAL THE BAY'S MARINE SCIENCE CENTER.  It's more or less a large one room aquarium but admission is FREE for kids and only a couple bucks for adults.  The kids made little octopus hand puppets which were cute and afterwards enjoyed watching all the fish.

At the touch tank they got to experience a good amount of things from a squishy sea cucumber to the baby brittle star Preston's holding in the above picture.  

As always, we had such an incredible day of fun and exploration!

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