Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disneyland 2011

April 7th, 2011~

After our temple day with my parents we picked up Andy and headed over to Anaheim.  We stayed overnight at a hotel to be ready for Disneyland the next day.  You may remember THIS post from way back when, well this was us finally following through.  As expected we wanted to surprise the kids so we told them that they were going to the doctors to get "shots".  I don't think they had any idea what was really in store for them.  Check out the video to see their reaction...

 I love how they try to pull off being sad about getting shots.  They clearly had some idea it was all a trick but how cute were their faces when they found out we were really going to DISNEYLAND!  Totally priceless.

Our first ride of the day was the carousel!

Next was everyone's favorite elephant, Dumbo!  
Evelyn and I were in the front of the line so we got to hold the "invisible feather".  
In the picture Andy and Preston are behind us.

Ricky was so brave!

We ate at Cafe Orleans for lunch where we tried a very highly recommended treat, the Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Monte Cristo Sandwich = A light and crispy donut filled with meat and cheese, dusted with powdered sugar paired with a berry dipping sauce.

Evelyn and Preston ordered the mac and cheese which was super yummy!  

In honor of Preston's very FIRST trip to Disneyland he got a special pin that said "First Visit".

The group, right after the kids' first roller coaster ride.  Kim and Ricky have season passes so they came along on our special day with us.

The kids in front of Cinderella's Castle.
Evelyn (5) and Preston (3)

Our happy little family at the "Happiest Place on Earth".  
Notice my pregnant belly too :)  Andy calls that shirt my "Grimace shirt".

It was such a fun day!  I can't wait to go again soon.

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