Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fresno Discovery Center

Our next exciting find of the week was the Fresno Discovery Center!  

 This is how the first hour or so went when we got there.  The kids were so exhausted from going to the zoo the day before that they slept all the way there and for a long time after.  But when they finally woke up they were very excited to see all the fun stuff!

 As soon as Preston saw this spaceship he headed straight for it.  He was so excited to climb inside and push all the buttons.  We even pretended to take off, countdown and all!

 Next was Evelyn's pick and of course she picked the worm bed.  That's my girl!  She's not afraid to touch anything.  Worms included!  Preston on the other hand will look but definitely NOT touch.
 They even had tepees!  It's safe to say they had a pretty good mash up of all kinds of science and nature things to play with.

 Including a giant iron dinosaur.  Preston was a big fan of this one.  
There were also big dessert tortoises in this area too.

 They had a pond with fish for the kids to "catch".  We never even got close to catching one with the little nets they gave us but the kids had fun watching the tadpoles.

 And last, there was a maze for the kids to go through.  Both the kids did pretty good with it.  I stood at the lookout point and helped direct them to the end.

And after completing a long day at work we took this guy out for a birthday dinner!

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