Thursday, June 3, 2010

Insect Lore

 Our fun with Insect Lore all started when Andrew was hired to do some promotional work for their company.  Their corporate office is so close so one day the kids and I went on a little field trip to the "Bugseum".  Inside their store they have an insect collection with all kinds of creepy crawly things and an Entomologist to teach the kids about each one.  The kids even got to touch some of them!

Not long after that Andrew was sent home with boxes of products to test out and make promotional products for.  Our kids got their share of the loot to test out...

 First was the butterflies!  The kids LOVED those.  We received them as tiny caterpillars and they grew and eventually formed chrysalis and made their final transformation to butterflies.  It was very interested to watch the entire process from start to finish.

 When they were grown we got to release them.

 Next came the ladybugs!  They start out as ugly little larva and they eventually turn into cute little ladybugs.  Insect Lore even makes PINK-spotted ladybugs which is kind of different.

 And last were the ants!

 The kids even got to be in some of the promotional videos!
  They did alright but they may have a little too much of me in them to become really great actors ;)
Stay tuned for the kids' acting debuts...

Andrew and his team did a GREAT job on the videos and Insect Lore was really happy with them.  They've already asked him to promote their new upcoming line!

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