Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink's Hot Dogs

I can't tell you how long I craved a Pink's hot dog before I ever even tried one.  You see, I love hot dogs and after watching an enticing episode of Throwdown! with Bobby Flay against the landmark hot dog restaurant I decided I was going to eat there someday.   

 Flash forward to this summer Andrew and I had to make the trip down to Hollywood to pick up some equipment and get permits for the film.  We happened to drive by it and voila! we're standing in front of the Pink's stand.  I naively ordered a chili dog and immediately wished I had ordered something more original like a "Martha Stewart Dog" or a "Huell Howser Dog".  It was pretty good...  Not the best dog I've ever eaten but it was alright and now that I have proof I've been there I can now end my craving for a Pink's dog and pass this one off my list!

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