Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sad News

I helped my sister pack and move last week:(  I feel like a traitor to myself because I really didn't want them to go BUT I guess they had to go.  My brother-in-law was transfered to Riverton, UT for his job and he's decided to go back to school.  I'm sure Utah's not so bad;)  

Evelyn (4), Aubrey (2), Preston (2), Joshua (6) and Eliza (4)

The last day they were in town I got to watch my nephew and nieces so their mom and dad could finish packing.  The kids mostly played outside.  I got some cute pictures of them and figured I'd write a little something about each one.

Joshua (6 years old) is a little on the stubborn side (just like his mom;)) but he's a really great kid.  Whenever I babysit he's always such a good helper.  He's sweet and always wants to make his mom happy.  I've asked him to clean up his room before "for his mom" and without any complaint he did it and not only that but he helped his sisters clean theirs too.  He's smart, athletic and funny and he takes care of his sisters like a good big brother should.  I really had fun cheering for him this past summer at his soccer games.

Eliza (4 years) is such a doll.  She's caring and compassionate and always thinking about others.  She's SUPER smart and is going to do great in school.  She's the same age as Evelyn and is a great example and best friend to her.  I love watching the two of them play and that's probably what I'll miss the most about her living close by.  She's polite and sweet and always tells me she loves me!  

I already told Evelyn she moved but I don't think she really gets it yet.  I think it will hit her in a few days when she begs me to go their new house and I have to tell her it's too far away.  I guess the girls will have to be pen-pals now!

Aubrey is such a sweetheart!  She's actually a couple months older than Preston but you'd never know it because she's so small and quiet.  She expresses herself almost entirely through her eyes.  The other day she actually rolled her eyes at me!  Whenever I get to hang out with her I'm always sneaking her sweets to "fatten her up".  I should also mention that even though she's small and the 3rd child she has no problem standing up for herself.  When I first read The Hunger Games I couldn't help but picture Rue as a little older Aubrey.

And most of all I'm going to miss this sweet little babe.  She is the most beautiful and sweet babies I've ever seen.  I love to play with her and make her smile and laugh!  The only time she cries is when she's hungry and even then she only pouts. 

I'm sure going to miss my big sister and her sweet family.  I know they'll have a good time in Utah though.  I'm actually kind of jealous!  They'll also get to know the other side of their family which will be good for them (as long as I'm always the FAVORITE Aunt).

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