Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And in Happier News...

My BIRTHDAY is almost here and it's my GOLDEN birthday too!  I'll be 26 on the 26th!

If this picture seems totally random to you THIS POST might clear things up.  

Andy's taking me out for my birthday friday night and I'm SUPER excited about it!  We already have a babysitter thanks to our sweet friend (practically family member) Amy.  Now I just have to decide what it is I want to do.  Any ideas?

And in other random news, this next picture is for all those punk kids that called me a "goody-goody" in school.


You all thought I was kidding when I said I was WANTED in Nevada.  I really AM!  I'm a fugitive of the law!  I could just pay it off for $145 but then again I kind of like it.

*In case the NV police are reading this I will most likely pay this off... OR will I...


  1. Hey Happy Birthday! Andy better make it a good one.

    And that letter...oh my goodness. You are the perfect criminal. Nobody would ever suspect someone like you. That is a pretty big deal though. A warrant for your arrest! Wow! Congrats.

  2. I'm so jealous of your warrant!!!

    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Amber! I hope Andy spoils you this weekend. Maybe an officer will show up to your door and give you a free ride to Vegas. I love how it says, "To avoid embarrassment..." There are times when I think spending a few days in jail might be a nice little vacation.

  4. Awesome that you have a warrant. PS- Happy early birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your milk carton. And I will not direct your warrant officer to your blog, since it's your birthday. Any other time, I would have to, being an up-standing citizen of Las Vegas and all.

  6. I turned 10 on the 10th and can't even remember celebrating it. I bet we didn't. I hope yours was better than mine. Happy Birthday!!