Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally a new post!

I couldn't resist taking this picture on one of our recent outings.  One of these days these things are going to be obsolete so I figure I should have a picture of it before they do.

During that same trip we ate icecream sundays and tried on baseball helmets at Walmart for no reason at all.

Nichole recently showed me the basics of putting on make-up.  I know, I know.  Don't bother reading that over.  What you read IS true.  I, Amber, 25 year old who has only worn make-up 5 times in her entire life, who in Young Women's always got picked as the Mary K model has finally decided to wear make-up.  I figure it's about time. Turns out I'm a "natural buff", I think.  Other than that I'm still a little clueless but not quite so much now thanks to big sis.  Now Andy can actually get that close-up shot of me and I won't be quite so self conscious.  I'm starting with the basics.  I've bought some cream cleanser at the store and have been washing my face everyday for about a week and I love it!

Here's me with foundation and powder.  Put it on myself!  I also couldn't resist getting a picture with my niece Lilly.  She is just the cutest little thing.  I can't believe my sister's moving and taking this adorably sweet baby away from me.  I figured I'd better get a picture while this beautiful girl is still teeny tiny.

On the way home from Nicholes's I just couldn't resist.  There was a game going on at Bakersfield Christian so out of curiosity I drove by and it was none other than Girls Soccer!  As most of you know I played soccer all growing up and then through High School and absolutely adore it.  So I dragged the kids out of the car and made them watch the last 15 minutes or so with me.  It was pretty fun.  The kids had no idea what was going on so I got to explain to them what was going on and what each player was doing.  I'm sure everyone around us was a little confused as to what team we were rooting for since Evelyn and Preston were just randomly shouting "Go Team".  The kids ended up really liking the bleachers so we did our share of seat switching and ended up on the very top bench.

On the way back to the car the kids and I had a little fun with shadows thanks to the stadium lights.  We spent a good amout of time pretending to be giants and stepping on each others shadows.  Kids have quite the imagination.  It is so great having kids and getting even a small glimpse of their creativity.

A few other things have happened.  Here's a short list of blogs to look forward to.

Visit from Santa
Christmas Day
New Year trip to Monterey Bay
Preston's Dr.'s Appointment/ Update
Evelyn's Birthday!

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