Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bridal Shows/ New Promo and Demo

Andy in his element

Work has been better than great!  Last month we participated in both of the bridal shows here in town and for the first time ever I actually got to attend and help out which was exciting to be a part of.  We've combined with some really reputable companies; Freestyle Entertainment, Flourishing Art & Artisan Photography to make up the "Premier Event Specialists ".  At the last show we all came together to make one giant booth which turned out looking really awesome!  Andy and Kim have also made a new demo and promotional video for the business.

Andy at our booth at the Weddings 2010 show at the Kern County Fair.

The NEW HDM Demo showcasing some of Andy's best work!

The new promotional video featuring Andy and Kim.


  1. Wow! Those promo videos are AWESOME!! I'm totally blown away, although not at all surprised. That brother of mine has some serious talent!! I am so proud. SO proud.

  2. WOW...GREAT WORK ANDY!!! Absolutely beautiful! Love your work!

  3. Absolutly amazing!!! Way to go!