Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock Climbing in the Canyon

         Our friends, the Biglers, took us rock climbing (#8 on my res. list) at one of the roadside cracks in Kern River Canyon.  I'll admit I was terrified at first but I really wanted to go so I wiped off my sweaty palms, calmed my seriously beating heart and I DID IT!  After only a few times down the rock I managed to overcome my fear of heights and we had a totally awesome time.  Evelyn and Brayden even got a chance to go down.  Evelyn braved it much better than I could have imagined and she was already ready to go again the second her feet hit the ground.  We had such a great time!  I can't wait to go again.  Thanks Nathan and Stephanie for taking us!  You guys "ROCK"!


  1. Hey very cool slideshow! I think I would have been scared too. I think going down is a lot scarier than going up though. Good job on hitting one of your resolutions already!

  2. You are already rawking those resolutions!! Way cool. I did that a few times in college and almost peed myself.

  3. HI Amber!
    Looks like so much fun! I gotta try that some time!