Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Lake Isabella with the Hunters

January 31, 2009~
Some friends of ours, the Hunters, took us up to their place in Lake Isabella to hang out and go rock climbing (since I'm an experience rock climber and all!)  The rock climbing part ended up not working out but we did have a really enjoyable time just hanging out.  

Here we are on the Dam corner! (Check out the sign in the background).  Minutes later we stopped at the Dam store.--->

<---The kids playing in the dirt.

How cute is this face?

Evelyn's starting a collection.  I couldn't believe she actually picked up this big rock.

Going on a nature walk


  1. Kids love dirt, don't they. Who gives a crap about rock climbing when there is dirt around. And even better, dam dirt.

  2. Amber, about those walls, try baking soda. Just make a paste of baking soda and water mixed! It works!

  3. Why when I click on your photos, they don't go full screen like most blogs?
    And I am so mad I missed Andy's radio appearance. We got caught up with celebrating Jonah's birthday and I lost track of time. How'd it go?

  4. Ah yes. Dirt and rocks. All good things. Lollerz at Katie's comment!

  5. grandma's, dansby family blog is up and running

  6. For some reason, your blog only randomly pops up on my updated blog list. Right now, there's a picture of The Host by S.Meyer? How is this happening? I went back and found tons of posts I never read. Anyway, that sucks about the rock climbing. I hear Lake Isabella dirt is way funner than Bako dirt, tho.