Monday, January 12, 2009

2 Unexpected blessings and a bonus

Recently Andy and I have had a bit of good fortune.  Turns out we have a few of the right connections and they've paid off big time.  The first one Andy won't let me talk about but something good happened to him...  The second thing I might have mentioned before is Evelyn's eyes.  She has Intermittent Exotropia which is where her eyes have a tendency to point in different direction or as we like to say "crazy eyes".  I had pretty much given up on it because she seems to have learned to cope with it but it just so happens that Andy's cousin noticed Evelyn's eyes at Grandma Bailey's party.  How crazy is that?  Not even everyone in my immediate family has noticed her crazy eyes but she just happened to notice them AND she just so happens to work with the one doctor I've been wanted to take Evelyn to.  Dr. Sutter is one in a million.  Most other doctors don't even believe in what she does, they're all about jumping straight to surgery for the more complex cases and completely ignoring the less severe cases like Evelyn's.  She apparently has methods of training the eyes and essentially strengthening them to stay straight.  It's amazing!  So wow, where was I going with this.  Oh yeah, Andy's cousin Kate (whom I now LOVE) talked to the Optometrist on Evelyn's behalf and she agreed to treat Evelyn for FREE.  That's right!  She's going to completely fix her eyes, without any surgery, for FREE!  We had our first appointment with her on December 19th and it went really well.  She treated Evelyn so sweet and nice and was totally patient with her.  I was so impressed.  She gave me a few ideas of things I can do to help and at the beginning of this month we had our first appointment with the Vision Therapist.  She taught me some exercises that I can do with her at home and Evelyn got these super snazzy red/green glasses to wear when she watches movies that are supposed to help train her eyes to stay focused.  I am 100% confident in Evelyn's new Optometrist.  She is my new favorite person and Kate too for hooking me up.  I've heard so many good things about her from other people and I just can't believe that she agree to help Evelyn.  It's amazing!  Seriously a miracle.  Another plus is that while we were there she checked Evelyn's vision and heck yes! turns out Evelyn has perfect vision.  So yah, take that bad eyesight genes!

Now for the bonus!  I am proud to announce that after 7 years of debating my college major and taking 2 semesters worth of random off the wall classes I finally narrowed it down to ONE major.  I've always known I wanted to go back to college after the kids were older so in the back of my head I've been contemplating all my options.  I can't guarantee my plans will stay the same but here it is.  I want to get a bachelors degree in Exercise Science which is kind of a mix between Biology and Kinesiology.  It sounds perfect and all the required courses are classes that I would want to take anyway.  After that the goal is to go through Physical Therapy training and either become a Physical Therapist or Sports Therapist.  I can't wait but for now I'm just going to enjoy being a mom.


  1. For some reason this post didn't show up on my feed list. Glad I found it. You really left me hanging with Andy's secret good news. Can't wait for that!
    And great about Evelyn! Do I have a cousin named Kate? I feel really bad that I can't think of her.
    And I think the major you picked is awesome. I totally want to do that!

  2. I think she's talking about Katia? That is so cool! I'd never even noticed Evelyn's eyes. And now I"m all sortsa curious about the other good news tho.

    Also I didn't see this until this morning on my list either.

  3. Yeah I meant Katia. Sorry, she goes by Kate at work so I've just gotten used to calling her that.

  4. Hi Andy and Amber!
    Ok, so I want to know what the first blessing was!! That is way to much mystery for me! WAY EXCITING about Evelyn's new doctor. And you're right, you can't tell, I had no idea she had "crazy eyes"! :) She is adorable. I couldn't believe how big she was when I saw her last night. How are our babies getting so big???? Well, call me! We need to all get together!! Seriously this time! :) Sammi

  5. Happy birthday to Evelyn!