Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soccer Park

Sep. 6, 2008~
Last Saturday, Kory, the youngest of my two brothers had his first soccer games of the season.  He plays for the Tehachapi club team, the Gryphons.  He's a starting mid fielder and an awesome soccer player if I might say so myself (Obviously he takes after his older fellow soccer playing sister).  They had two games that day.  The first, I'm sorry to say, they lost.  But not because the other team was any better but just for lack of enthusiasm and energy on their part.  The entire team was dead tired by the second half but in their defense it was super hot. I certainly couldn't have done any better.  Several hours later the second game proved to be a much better match-up.  The gryphons were back up to par and they played an awesome game.  Kory even scored a goal which is something I rarely seem to get to witness.  I am so proud of him!  It was so exciting to watch him get all pumped up after that.  They won, of course, and for good reason- they played great! 
The kids did great and seemed to have a great time.  Between the 5 of them they managed to devour an entire box of Mini Wheats within the span of just over an hour.  Evelyn and Eliza got really into it and every few minutes they'd cheer out "Go Kory Go!" or "Go Gryphons!".  It was so cute!  For a while now I've been attempting to get Evelyn excited about actually playing soccer but for now she seems pretty content just watching.  Every time I ask her if she wants to play soccer like her Uncle Kory she replies back to me, "no thanks!".  I'm not giving up on her so we'll see in another year or two.
Since there was so much time in between games I had decided to plan a BBQ lunch for everyone and celebrate Preston's 1st birthday and Kory's 18th birthday.  After the first game we met up in a nice shady area at Hart Park and my dad grilled up some nice hot dogs for everyone.  It was so awesome to have my entire immediate family and my cousin there to celebrate.  In honor of Preston's birthday I bought these really cute green frog cupcakes.  I spent the entire day going out of my way to keep my cupcakes nice and minutes before the kids ate them I set them down next to me in the shade.  Minutes later I realized I wasn't in the shade anymore and neither were the cupcakes.  I looked down and the cupcakes were just a blob of green melted frosting.  They inevitable turned out being more fun than I had intentionally planned them out to be.  All the kids were covered in waxy green frosting and looked like mini Jolly Green Giants.  Luckily I had had enough sense to strip the kids down to their diapers saving their clothes and the whole experience made for some great messy fun and some great pictures. 

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  1. Sara just had cupcakes at her last party, and everyone had red or blue mouths and teeth. Including all the adults, except me, I was super careful. (See the ugly picture Sara posted of me on her blog.)