Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock Climbing

Some friends of ours have this freakin' sweet rock climbing wall in their backyard so during our last visit with them we thought we'd let the kids take a crack at it.  Here's some pics...

Here's Preston hanging on tight...

...STILL hanging on....

...and STILL hanging on!  I'm not sure how long he actually stayed up but he managed to hang on for quite a while.  I casually took like 10 pictures waiting for him to drop. 

<-----Evelyn rocked it too! Check out that technique! She actually managed to climb up a few steps too.


  1. Saweet! Sign up those kids for the next X-games.

  2. That is so freakishly cute!!!!

  3. A rock wall in someones backyard? That's awesome! Is that a mattress I see?