Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Murray Family Farms

One of my favorite things to do every year around Halloween is go to the pumpkin patch. As a kid I remember going and getting to pick out my very own pumpkin and it was just so much fun. So Tuesday we took the kids to Murray Family Farms. When we got there we noticed that they had a pretty good size petting zoo that was only a dollar a person to get in so we bought tickets and some "animal food" (which turned out to be cheerios) and we took Evelyn in to see all the animals. She was really timid at first and just wasn't having a good time so we took her back to the car and put her Halloween costume on her hoping that it would make her feel a little better. We went back in and she was just fine. She was like a whole different Evelyn. She was laughing at the animals and getting right up next to the fence. I guess she felt like she was one with the animals or in disguise or something since her costume WAS a chicken. She even started to bawk back at the chickens. It was really cute! After the petting zoo we were walking back over to the pumpkins and on our way we happened to run across this big round hole probably 6 inches deep filled with dried corn for the birds. Evelyn ran right over to it and climbed right in. She thought it was so much fun picking up the corn and letting it fall through her fingers. The funniest part was that she was dressed in a chicken costume and every time she reached down to pick up another handful it looked like the chicken was pecking at the corn. She even started to play the part of the chicken and pretended to eat the corn by putting it up to her mouth. She really got into the whole chicken thing. After the corn we made our way over to the pumpkins and Evelyn wandered around for a little while. We found a cute little pumpkin that was just her size that she carried around for a few minutes until she lost interest and put it down.

Evelyn and her daddy feeding the Goat. She never did get the fact that the cheerios where for the animals and not for her.

Is that a chicken pecking at some corn? No, it's just Evelyn.

Evelyn with her little pumpkin


  1. what can i say? kids are friggin' cute!

  2. You are right little bro.

  3. Awww they are cute! I love Evelyn's little chicken costume!