Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Eliza!

I got to see my niece blow out the candles on her homemade birthday cake made by my very lovely and talented sister. My niece, Eliza, turned 2 on November 15th. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Your Aunt Amber, Uncle Andy, Evelyn & Preston love you very much. We can't wait for your birthday party in a few weeks.

Eliza is such a cutie! She looks just like her momma did at her age. She is quite a character. As you can tell by the big cut under her eye she is a bit of a tomboy. With Joshua as a big brother though I'm sure that was unavoidable. She's also a little smarty pants. She's learning sign language and seems to know more and more words every time I see her. The way she says "Preston" is so sweet because she says it so clear. She is such a great cousin and friend to Evelyn and Preston and we all love her very much.


  1. holy crap! she looks really young for 16... or is she 15 and just had an extra candle for good luck?

  2. The candles were in the shape of an E for Eliza. Amber you are a life saver for taking pictures for us that day. THANKS!