Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Evelyn's 5th Birthday!

As most of you know Evelyn turned 5 this year!  
For her birthday on January 27th we celebrated by...

First, making a surprise stop at the HDM office where the team wished her a Happy Birthday!
Evelyn with HDM Editor/ adopted Aunt Kim.

Her preschool class went on a field trip to Rusty's Pizza Parlor where they got a behind the scenes look at how the pizza is made!
They each got to feel the dough and watch as a staff member kneaded and prepared the crust.

They even got to make their own personal pizzas!

Here they are going through the oven.

The class enjoying their pizza!  
Preston (unofficial member), Evelyn, Mia, Troy, Zane & Meghan.
I even brought cupcakes for the class.

Later that day when Andrew got home we celebrated by singing "Happy Birthday" to her and letting her blow out the candles on her princess cake!
The birthday girl with her mom!

Daddy crowned her princess for the day!

And we enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake!

Last but not least we took the kids out to Camelot or "the castle" (as the kids say) to play games followed by
Ice cream at Baskin-Robbins!
It was a GREAT day to celebrate a GREAT girl!

Happy 5th Birthday Evelyn!  We love you!

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