Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Evelyn and Preston's Movie Debut

The very last thing shot for our film was a short scene in which childhood Donald (played by my nephew, Charlie) and his siblings mourn the loss of their mother, Fanchon (played by me!)  The best part about it was that Evelyn and Preston got to be in it!  They played the parts of Patty and Walter, Donald's little brother and sister.  To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure either of them could pull off such a serious scene but they REALLY amazed me and did an incredible job!  They both made me so proud and I'm happy they were able to have little cameos in a film based on their Great Grandpa Bailey.



  1. They are so cute in those outfits! I thinks it is really fun that they get to be in this movie about their ancestors. That is a real special thing! How did the premier go? I bet it was awesome!! Wish I could have been there!

  2. I love that blanket Tim is holding. It's so awesome. I wonder what skilled person made it? Oh, wait, it was ME!!! Tell Andy to add it to the credits in the movie please.