Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Measure of a Man: Week 4

July 26-30, 2010~

 Week 4 of our 5 week shoot...

July 26th~  This is the week we skipped forward in time to where Lizzy is now a teenager.  The first day we shot everything at the piano and inside the house.  Later in the evening we took a trip over to the "A" St. LDS church parking lot to film Lizzy wrecking her dad's brand new El Camino.

Teen Lizzy, originally played by Jenna Brighton, preparing to "wreck" her dad's El Camino.  
**No vehicles were harmed in the making of this film**

July 27th~  The next day we packed up the gear and headed out to the Bakersfield High School Harvey Auditorium.  We had access to the facility for several hours and scheduled some seriously talented youth to come and perform on camera.

Nicole (pictured above) played the harp, Samuel (the child prodigy) played the violin, Amanda (my SIL) perform a beautiful ballet

and the talent Daniel & Danielle sang a duet.

And of course winning first place was Lizzy!

We didn't have quite the number of audience members we were hoping for but it actually worked out better that way and with some trick cinematography it looked legit.  A lot of our friends and family were there to contribute including my parents and brothers.

July 29th & 30th~ The last two days of the week we ended up at the Good Samaritan Hospital who generously donated an entire wing for us to shoot in for two days.

 The wing was a little creepy I'll admit.  It used to be the old psych ward back a decade or so and now it's no longer in use at all.

Jenna Brighton, who played adult Lizzy in the first cut in the hospital with Jarin Stevens, as Donald.  Sadly Jenna was later recast and most of this weeks scenes had to be re-shot at a later date.

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