Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Measure of a Man: Week 3

July 19-23, 2010~

Commence week 3 of our 5 week shoot!

July 19th~ One of my favorite days started this week out.  Lambchops' big acting debut!  I actually take a good bit of pride in this one because not only did I handle all the arrangement for the lamb I also fought to keep her there against a certain persons wishes.  Let's just say the day started out with a bit of drama...

 Pet Lambchops $.05  Feed Lambchops $.10  Take a picture with Lambchops $.25

Daniel, the PA, took a bit of a liking to the lamb.  He was a HUGE help to me not just this day but all throughout the shoot. 

Blythe, my adorable niece who plays Lizzy gets her chance to pose with the lamb.

The real Mark dressed as Little Bo Peep then...

And Mark, played by Jaden Melashenko, now. 

 **Spoiler Alert**  Lambchops' life comes to a tragic end in the film making this picture slightly ironic.  In the background, the family is mourning at Lambchops' funeral.  Little does the audience know that just feet away Lambchops is alive and well.  It's a good thing it kept pretty quiet.    

One of my favorite things about working on set was getting to spend every day with this guy :)

July 20th~ The next day we spent a hot day surrounded by beautiful cotton fields courtesy of Greg Palla, Executive Vice President of the San Joaquin Valley Quality Cotton Growers Association.  We got some great shots and still managed to stay cool thanks to my parents who provided us with an air conditioned RV.

 Cotton as far as the eye could see.  It was beautiful!  The boys were working hard "weeding" the plants.

 The girls, Patricia Lynn played by Madeline Penn, Emogene, played by Jennica Schwartzman, and Mary played by Alana Hamilton keeping cool with their cute hats.

 Enjoying some Coca-Colas after a long days work.

 Tommy, played by Cody Sullivan right after his terrible encounter with "the bees" sitting by Morgan, the make-up artist and the one responsible for this handsome face.  

July 21st~ One day this week we escaped the Bakersfield heat and took a day trip to Santa Barbara.  We shot at this beautiful location called Knapp's Castle where Andy's sister, Molly, and her husband live.

The view from Knapp's Castle

 Andrew all decked out in his steadicam rig.

Watching a scene being shot of Lizzy and Tommy.  During a take a bee flew right by Cody (who plays Tommy)'s ear and he made the most hilarious face, it's sure to make it in the bloopers :0

 Cinematographer Justin McAleece from Blare Media, Andrew Waite and Scott Moffat making the most of the setting sun.

 1st Assistant Director, Nicole McAleece, and Sound Mixer, Zack Allen, hard at work.

A beautiful photo by Josh!  This will probably make the cover of the movie.

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  1. I love love love these posts!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen these pictures and you did an amazing job!! Thank you so much for doing it. I need to get these pictures from you and get a book printed. I never had time to take pictures and no one else has shared theirs with me. These are such precious memories for me.