Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yosemite Wedding Highlights

Our trip to Yosemite was one of many exciting wedding adventures for us and our our business.  HDM has really taken off and we've started to expand and get more bookings outside of our area.  I've been blessed to be able to help with some of Andrew's weddings and it's been a great experience learning the trade.  I definitely enjoy it but I'm nowhere near the skill level of Andrew, Kim and Josh.  With time and practice however I do feel I'm getting better and hopefully someday I'll be about to "HDM" it like they do.

 Andrew filming the beautiful bride!  You can see Half-Dome and Bridal Veil Falls in the background.

On this very special occasion we had the privilege of shooting alongside our dear friends Tim and Jen Culpepper of Artisan Photography!  They have been so good to us and our two businesses work remarkable well together.  Plus they're totally awesome, fun and talented.  We traveled up to Yosemite early Saturday morning to film the wedding which was INCREDIBLE although the day after shoot was really the highlight for me.  We accompanied the couple into the park itself and really got some EPIC shots!  As my first trip (that I remember) to Yosemite it was tons of fun and I couldn't help but enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

I loved the little Yosemite Chapel, Yosemite Falls, the initial view of the valley and really ALL of it.  I can't wait to go back!  I got a good look at Half Dome and have already made it a personal mission to make it to the top.  To watch the finished product of this shoot please visit our website at

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